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Nissan 350z vs 370z


Nissan has a decent history of making fun and powerful sports cars. From the 1950s Datsuns to the recent Nissan Z, the company has created a reputation for producing affordable vehicles for buyers.

The 350Z has raised the expectation for affordable thrills and has become a tuner hotspot. The model had a decent run and thrills until 2009 when a more powerful 370Z came out and assumed the reins.

The 370Z is faster, bigger, and packed with extra modern features. Both the 370Z and 350Z are part of the most fun and powerful affordable JDM sports cars.

The two models are related yet have their differences. If you aren’t sure of the one to go for or curious to know the differences. Don’t fret! We’ll analyze and provide you with a comparison between the Nissan 350z and 370z. Let’s start with the Nissan Z series and the specs of the two models.

The Nissan Z started with the Datsun 240Z in 1969. And since then has continued to thrill drivers. This thrill also continued with the 370Z which still rolls out across showrooms globally. The 350Z helped revitalize the Z badge. It brought back Nissan into the automotive game after the success of the 280Z and 240Z. Partly due to “The Fast and The Furious movies,” Nissan JDM culture in 2009 was very popular among US young enthusiasts. The 350z even raised the expectation and immediately became a buzz.

The 350Z was the buzz and main deal until 2009 when the fresh and more powerful 370Zs came alive and took over. The 370Z is faster, bigger, and packed with extra modern features. Here are the features and specs of the Nissan 350z and 370z:

The 350z is a 2-seater convertible sports car designed by Nissan Motor. It’s the 5th generation of Nissan Z-car lines. The production started in 2002 and was later released in early 2003. It’s popularly known in the Japanese market as Fairlady Z Z223. Nissan 350z is a good option for car owners looking to have a high-performance sports car at a cheap price. It comes with a rear-wheel-drive and front engine. The vehicle features a short deck and long hood design that’s popular in Z series vehicles.

Further, the 350z is designed using a steel monocoque. Its engine is aluminum, it has a dual-overhead-cam, 24-valve 3498cc V6, and valve timing that’s variable.

In addition, the 350Z engine has in-sequence multi-point electronic fuel injection. And 5-speed auto or 6-speed manual transmission.

More so, it has an all-around independent suspension, featuring coil springs, an anti-roll bar, and a multi-link.

The 370Z is the newest Nissan Z series sports car. It provides great efficiency and performance. The production of this model started in 2008 and entered the market in 2009. In 2015, Nissan motors upgraded its flagship by releasing the 370z NISMO. This Nissan production comes with a 3.7-liter V6 engine and 324bhp brake horsepower that’s better than most of its rivals. The 370z NISMO has a 3.7 liter V6 and 339bhp upped brake horsepower. The V6 has an optional 7-speed automatic or average 6-speed manual transmission.

Also, the 370z has a comfortable, nice cockpit plus supportive seats. And has other interesting accessories like a CD player, AM/FM radio, USB port, and auxiliary input jack.

What are the differences between the Nissan 350z and 370z?

Despite the price and age gap, 350z and 370z car models are similar. Imagine the 370Z as the company’s chance to update outdated features on the 350z. In no particular order, here are the slight differences between the Nissan 350z and 370z:

1. Appearance

Nissan 350z and 370z are both beautiful, and they appear or look alike. They have simple designs and shapes that are full of curves. Also, they have a sumptuous fastback-style rear.

However, the 370z model is slightly smaller with a curvier design. It’s more beautiful with a simple good looking appearance. Seeing the 370Z from the outside, it sits a bit lower, slightly wider, and shorter. And yet Nissan managed to reduce its curb weight to offer it a scale’s 61lb weight loss, leading to a more fun driving experience.

2. Interior design

This is where you’ll easily see the differences between the two. While the two cars look alike from the outside, their interior designs are much different. The 370z has a more beautiful and interesting interior design, especially with the recent 370z models. Nissan removed most cheap plastics with the 350z interior and replaced them with advanced and premium softer materials. In particular, the automatic transmission had extra 2 gears, ranging from 5 to 7 gears.

Meanwhile, the two models have features seen in the original 240z, like the dashboard triple gauge layout.

3. Speed

You can see differences between the two in their speed. The 350z has an interesting pumped-up 3.5-liter V6 VQ35DE engine. The 370z comes with a bigger engine, making 32 more HP and featuring 10 lb-ft more torque.

The Nissan 370z uses less than 0.6 seconds to sprint to 5.1 seconds (60 mph). And it comes with better braking, taking just less than 1 second to finish a quarter-mile time. The 370z is a faster and safer choice! So if you want speed, go for the 370Z.

4. Abundance

In terms of abundance, the 370Zs have been sold longer and are still much available.

In particular, the 2020 370Zs have been sold out. And the used models won’t end soon. Their prices have been reducing each year. The 370z isn’t uncommon like the 350z. It has more options you can pick from when buying it.

5. Easy management

A good advantage of the 370z abundance is its availability of mechanics. Generally, Nissan cars have always had easy-to-find parts and exclusive mechanic shops. You’ll get more of this with the 370z OEM parts.

In another vein, the 370z has a better advantage in terms of the warranty. You can purchase used ones still under the firm’s warranty.

6. Customization, modifications, and tuning

If you plan to modify or customize your car to your desire, the 350z might be your best bet. The 370Z has a pre-tuned Nismo package, making it easy to customize. Though, the 370z can’t beat the easy and diverse options of the 350z.

7. Affordability

The two models have price differences. The 350z cars are cheaper than the 370Z. The price of used 370Zs goes from $16,000 to $70,000, including cars with newer models, higher trims, and lesser mileage.

On the other hand, you can buy a 350Z for just $7,000. Though the price is mostly based on your location.

8. Horsepower

The original model of 350Z had a VQ35DE engine, pushing 287 horsepower. The 2007 VQ35HR engine had 306 horsepower.

On the other hand, the 370Z has a higher horsepower output of 331.

Why Should You Purchase the 350Z?

The 350Z became a hit after its production. Despite that it’s not the quickest vehicle in the market, it offers a great sports car feeling at affordable prices.

When it was first released, the car’s features like race front-engine, two-seater layout, and rear-wheel drive were warmly welcomed by several drivers since the features were a bit scarce in the market. The 350Z became the ideal option for many requirements, be it racing, drifting, or weekend canyon run.

Specifically, if you need a project vehicle, go for the 350Z. It’s a bit better than the 370Z. This is why there are more 350Z cars on track. Used 350Zs are a better option if you want a project vehicle.

Why Should You Purchase the 370Z?

Go for 370Z cars if you don’t want to go for tracks always. The 370Z has more luxurious features, making it great for fun trips and daily commutes.

With the infotainment, modern safety, and some driving assist attributes of the 370Z, you’re certain of getting the most from your investment. The 370Z is produced for daily driving. It’s a comfortable and pleasant car to use. And gives a more exciting driving experience!

Common Problems of Nissan 350Z and 370Z Cars

Despite the impressive features of the Nissan 350Z and 370Z cars, they still have minor issues that you may want to know. The 350Z rev-up models often have oil-burning problems. Some were reported to be fuel-starved despite owning almost-full tanks.

To be on the safe side, go for 2007+ models if you want to buy the 350Z car since they have more power with an improved engine.

For the 370Z, the earliest models had electrical and steering problems. This issue might have been resolved now, but it’s good to check well before getting one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major differences between the 350Z and the 370Z?

In terms of appearance, the 370z model is slightly smaller and curvier. Also, the 370z is more beautiful and interesting. In speed, the 370Z is faster. It uses less than 0.6 seconds to sprint to 5.1 seconds (60 mph).Further, the 350z is cheaper and has a lower horsepower engine. And the manual 350z is better at drifting.

Who should buy 350z?

You can buy the 350Z if you want a car for racing, drifting, or weekend canyon run. If you need a project vehicle, go for the 350z. It’s a bit better than the 370z in this regard.

Who should buy 370z?

The 370Z is great for fun trips and daily commutes. It’s a smoother ride! The 370Z is produced for daily driving. It’s a comfortable and pleasant car to use. So if you’re in for a car that offers a thrilling driving experience and fun, get the 370Z.

Which model is better for drifting?

For many drivers, the manual 350z is a preferred option for throwing or going sideways. Though the 370z comes with a fancy paddle, it has automatic gearboxes that lack a clutch and real gear control.It’s better to buy the 350Z with strap forced induction and get your clutch kicking.

Which car is better for straight-line speed?

If you’re looking for a model for a straight-line speed, go for the 370z since it has more power and it’s lighter. The 370z is faster on a straight line.

Final Analysis: Nissan 350z Vs. 370z

The 370Z and 350Z are part of the most fun and powerful affordable JDM sports cars. They’re related yet have their differences. Their major differences are seen in appearance, speed, interior design, horsepower, and price.

The 370z model is slightly smaller and curvier. And it’s more beautiful and interesting. In speed, the 370Z is faster than the 350z. Also, the 350z is cheaper and has a lower horsepower. And the manual 350z is better at drifting.

Meanwhile, if you need a vehicle you could roll out from the showroom to impress your buddies and girls, the 370Z is your ideal choice.

And when looking for a used vehicle at an affordable price while enjoying a raw-driving feel, the 350z is your sure bet. You can strap forced induction into it and enjoy the ride. It might even be interesting to test drive the two before deciding on the one to buy. Test-driving the two can help you make an effective decision.

However, the truth is that the final decision depends on your needs, preference, and budget. Know that if you’re buying the 350Z now, you might lose little funds in depreciation. On the other hand, it might be worth the investment if you decide to go for the 370Z, it still has prestige and is uncommon.

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